Wolff ~ Berger ~ Croft ~ Kolodny Chapter

The Stuart Jay Wolff Memorial Chapter was formed in 1953 by the family members and friends of an 11 year-old boy. In 1957 the family of Aileen Sue Berger, who had died from leukemia two years earlier, joined the chapter. The chapter grew by leaps and bounds to approximately 300 members, who used every means at their disposal to raise money.

The Pamela Joy Croft Chapter was launched in 1971. When 15 year-old Zachary Kolodny passed away, his family joined the Crofts, and the Croft-Kolodny Chapter formed in October 1984.

The Wolff-Berger and Croft-Kolodny Chapters merged in 1996 to become the Wolff-Berger-Croft-Kolodny Chapter. The various chapter incarnations have held many events and activities over the years, and raised an amazing total of $3.2 million.