Treatment Options for Blood Cancer Patients Conference

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 Multiple Myeloma Update
Dr. Andrzej Jakubowiak
University of Chicago Medicine



Options for the Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)
Dr. Irum Khan
University of Illinois Chicago
Medical Center



New Approaches for
Transplant Patients

Dr. Steven Devine
Be the Match/
National Marrow Donor Program



New Drug Treatment Options
for Lymphoma

Dr. Parameswaran Venugopal
Rush University Medical Center



Personalized Therapy for
Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Dr. Patrick Stiff
Loyola University Medial Center



CAR T-Cell Therapy:
What's All the Excitement About?

Dr. Patrick Stiff
Loyola University Medical Center



Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML):
Transplant or Not?

Dr. Patrick Hagan
Loyola University Medical Center



Physicians Panel: Ask the Experts


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For multiple myeloma patients we see similar results between RVD and transplant versus KRD and transplant. So why would someone want to go with KRD, a potential new drug for which we have not seen a lot of results yet?

How do the transplant statistics look for nieces and nephews?

How do you determine if and when stem cell transplant would be viable
for mantle cell lymphoma?

The protocol for smoldering myeloma has been to watch and wait and monitor your blood chemistry every three or four months. Is that still the protocol and are there other things being looked into?

I always hear that treatment procedures in Canada and Europe are less expensive than they are here. Is that really true? Also, concerning aggressiveness of treatment, is it the doctor's or group of doctors' "feel" for each patient that determines aggressiveness? Is it individualized along those lines?

What is the possibility of using CRISPR technique or technology for repairing chromosonal mutations in blood cancers and which blood cancers may benefit first?

Concerning MDS minus 5Q deletion, if you stop the revlimid and use the stimulating drugs for the red blood cells, is that considered maintenance then and how long is that effective for keeping the hemoglobin up? And if it isn't effective after a while, do you go back and try the revlimid?

My mother has CML and the doctor seems to be dictating her dosage based on the pharmaceutical company and she can't tolerate it. What is your recommendation? These medications seem to be very strong for her.

Knowing what you know today, for a patient who has had an autologous stem cell transplant for a complex nonHodgkin's lymphoma, relapsed, would you be predisposed to try another autologous transplant or would you move immediately
to CAR T-cell therapy?

Are "cancer free" and "complete remission" the same thing?

For non-gastric, low-grade, MALT nonHodgkin's lymphoma that originated in the parotid gland, are there any new treatments that have been successful
in curing the lymphoma?

What are the statistics on breast cancer chemo causing AML?