Treatment Options for Blood Cancer Patients Conference


Presentation videos below from the May 20, 2017 Conference.

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Molecular Typing for Leukemias & Lymphomas
Aid in Therapies?

Dr. Irum Khan
University of Illinois Chicago Medical Center
Update of Approaches for Unrelated Transplants
Dr. Stephanie Tsai
Loyola University Medical Center
New Approaches for Transplant Patients
Dr. Linda Burns
National Marrow Donor Program/Be The Match
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
Treatment Strategies

Dr. Parameswaran Venugopal
Rush University Medical Center
New Pipeline Therapies for Leukemia
Dr. Melissa Larson

Rush University Medical Center
Multiple Myeloma Update
Dr. Tulio Rodriguez
Advocate Health Care
Vaccines and Immune Cell Therapy
for Leukemia and Lymphoma

Dr. Patrick Stiff
Loyola University Medical Center
Physician Panel: Ask the Experts

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For the T-cell and virus treatment, don’t the T-cells die after a few weeks?

Is there a test to determine if the bone marrow has “burned out” and will not regenerate stem cells after a transplant?

Does a four out of six match from cord blood have a higher or lower percentage of survival for transplant patients than a related or unrelated donor?

After an autologous transplant, how important is a maintenance program?

Can you talk a little bit more about immune cell therapy?

What is the next step for a CLL patients who has been through two treatments over the last 17 years? Also, what is the status of the FDA approval of Car-T Cell Therapy for CLL patients?

How often or normal is it for myeloma to spread to soft tissues?

Is there a drug available to help prevent relapse after transplantation?

After six years of stable remission in myeloma treatment, would you recommend a change in course of treatment?