Treatment Options for
Blood Cancer Patients Conference

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Hyatt Regency Lisle

This free educational program is for patients and caregivers
who want to learn more about treatment options.

Thanks to all who attended this program.
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Multiple Myeloma
Therapies Update

Dr. Patrick Hagen
Loyola University
Medical Center


When is
Treatment Needed
or Myelodysplastic
Syndrome (MDS)?

Dr. Irum Khan
University of Illinois
Chicago Medical Center


New Approaches
for Transplant Patients

Dr. Linda Burns
Vice President and
Medical Director,
NMDP/Be The Match


New Advances
in Therapies for
Chronic Lymphocytic
Leukemia (CLL)

Dr. P. Venugopal
Rush University
Medical Center


Novel Therapies
for Acute Myelogenous
Leukemia (AML)

Dr. Olga Frankfurt
Northwestern University
Medical Center


CAR T-cell Therapy:
LRF/Loyola Initiative

Dr. Patrick Stiff
Loyola University
Medical Center


Emerging Therapies
for Non-Hodgkin's
Lymphoma (NHL)

Dr. Justin Kline
University of
Chicago Medicine


Physicians Panel:
Ask the Experts


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What experience do you have with the medication Kyprolis?

I’m a CLL patient who recently has been switched to Ibrutinib for my treatment. If this medication fails at some point, what might be my next options for treatment?

At what point in a person’s disease progression does one consider a clinical trial? What are the advantages and disadvantages of participating? Is it a last-ditch effort?

What is the difference between stem cell transplant and bone marrow transplant?

What is the protocol for smoldering myeloma with a family history?

About a diagnosis of CLL and the treatment of watch and wait; is there any nutritional or other studies going on that inform us on what to do while we’re watching?

Are there any new follicular lymphoma drugs approved by the FDA that might be less toxic?

Concerning multiple myeloma and induction therapy leading up to a stem cell transplant; is it standard practice to deviate from 3 or 4 cycles of therapy before transplant if complete remission is not achieved?

Is there an effective medication for mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) that has low toxicity? Also do cancer cells really feed on sugar?

Has anyone on the panel experienced a patient who was diagnosed with CLL progress or have the diagnosis change to CML? Also, as an ultra-marathoner, I hear that white blood cells are drawn out of the bone marrow and then after the event, the white blood cells are reabsorbed into the bone marrow. Do you have any insight on that?

I’m a patient diagnosed with CLL with a 17P deletion. Is a transplant an option for me and if so, when?

I’m a CLL patient and I’m currently taking Venclexta. I hear that one of the side effects of taking this medication is that one can develop a cough. I have a bad cough now and it’s getting worse. Do you know anything about Venclexta and a cough and is it supposed to be a little cough or as bad as the one I have now?

Does lenolidomide cause nerve damage that same way that thalidomide does?

Given that there are so many drug combinations to treat multiple myeloma, is CAR T-cell therapy used as a last resort? Is there any data that details what happens next if a patient relapses after CAR T-cell therapy?

I was recently diagnosed with pulmonary high blood pressure and I read that this is associated with Carmustine, which is a medication I received after a transplant for multiple myeloma. What are the chances that I can get rid of the pulmonary high blood pressure? Also, how does this impact my future treatment options?

I have a question concerning acute leukemia and Vidaza. Are there any suggestions on recouping energy? Also are there any suggestions on the impact of sun and chemotherapy?

Would a general blood examination detect blood cancers?

My daughter was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2014 and just four months later my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma. Is that coincidence or is there a family genetic situation for which we should be tested? Also, my sister was treated for the lymphoma successfully but five years later it came back more aggressively. Is she a candidate for transplant or CAR t-cell therapy? If one does not work, can she try the other?



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