2007 Nurses of the Year

Theresa Asai is a nurse clinician in the section of Hematology as well as the nurse coordinator for the Consultants in Hematology Clinic at RushUniversityMedicalCenter. In the 30+ nominations we received, the underlying theme was the same. “Theresa has a never ending smile, she is calm, compassionate, kind, caring, and competent and she always treats her patients with respect.” One patient wrote . . .

“She embodies the true spirit of commitment by working tirelessly on behalf of her patients. She does whatever it takes to improve the quality of our lives both personally and medically. She is a problem solver in a complicated profession with complicated problems. Her good nature and positive support translates into hope for all of us. She helps us believe that we will get well!” In addition, one of her colleagues wrote, “Theresa’s husband and children have learned that they can’t always count on her to be home for dinner, so they’ve been known to show up at the clinic with dinner in hand!”

Theresa was the recipient of the Hematology/Rush Cancer Institute Employee of the Year in 2001. She was nominated for the Leukemia Research Foundation Nurse of the Year in 2002 & 2004.

Barb Lockart is an Advanced Practice Nurse for the Long-term Survivor Clinic and general oncology population at Children’s MemorialHospital in Chicago.

One family wrote . . .

“From the beginning, Nurse Barb was someone we fell in love with. She answered every question we had, even the crazy ones with patience, and never made us feel like she was too busy. She always made time for us… When Nurse Barb got the call to go into the medical field, we are so thankful that she answered it. We appreciate so much the love, care, companionship and encouragement that she gives us. When you go through life there are so many people that truly touch your soul, our Nurse Barb is one of those people!”

Her volunteer activities include providing primary care to families in Honduran villages as well as coordinating a medical team providing cleft lip and palate repairs to patients in Venezuela. In addition, Barb is affiliated with the Children’s Oncology Group and is a member of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.