Leukemia Research Foundation-funded Researcher Utilizes Nanobots for Groundbreaking Leukemia Treatment

Ido Bachelet, Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University in Israel, is conducting the first human clinical trial using nanobots to treat late stage leukemia. Learn more about this revolutionary method of treating cancer in these two articles.

The Leukemia Research Foundation funded Dr. Bachelet’s research during its 2013-14 funding year. Click here to read about Targeted Leukemia Therapy by Logic-guided DNA Nanorobots on the LRF’s web site.

Dr. Bachelet has developed a method to use nanobots made from DNA molecules and “programming” them to recognize cancer cells at the molecular level and release medications to kill the cancerous cell with little to no impact on healthy cells nearby.

“It is precisely this kind of innovative research, conducted by New Investigators, that the LRF seeks to fund,” said Kevin Radelet, LRF’s Executive Director. “An investment of up to $100,000 by the LRF can be the difference between losing a brilliant scientific idea due to lack of funding, and nurturing exciting research at a critical time in the scientist’s career to, in time, produce a breakthrough such as the one Dr. Bachelet has made,” Radelet said.

Read more about critical research funded by the LRF on its website here.

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