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  • About Us
  • Chapters
  • Leadership & Staff
  • Upcoming Events – events listing (note mock up is not our standard event display)
  • Newsletter & Press Releases - I recommend making a page called News (link to news.main) then the following subpages
  • Current News
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Partners & Sponsors
  • Heroes for Hope – use as news category

Disease Info & Support

  • Disease Info
  • FAQ
  • About Diseases
  • Statistics
  • Support
  • Our Programs
  • Current news – see note above I recommend linking to the above or removing this all together. Note this is how our standard news list page looks, but image is far right
  • Additional Resources

Get Involved

  • Ways to Give
  • Donate

For Researchers

  • Hollis Brownstein Research Grants
  • Application Information
  • Recipients

Out of scope items

  • On page 6 “newsletter signup” we do not support in page content. You can link off to email sign up for, or you can reference the footer of the site to sign up
  • On Page 6 our standard news listing page doesn’t look quite like that, we can create a content page and link off to each article or not use the news tool at all
  • On page 9 “Don’t see your question” contact us box is not part of the scope – we do offer micro forms that you can embed on any page but that will require custom forms and micro forms enabled
  • On Page 10 “ A – z” search we do not support. We can see about building a custom list module that has search functionality in it
  • Each page with scroll box, we support any length page, but not scroll bars within a page
  • Each page the actual page title would not be in the header but in the body of the text
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